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The cryptocurrency space, in general, has a negative perception to the public in terms of its environmental concerns, almost becoming a hindrance to the mass adoption of blockchain technology. 

It's also true that crypto mining, especially Bitcoin, consumes a lot of energy. However, efforts have been made, and most Bitcoin mining farms are already done in areas of excess electricity supply and are already based on renewable energy (e.g most common is hydro). The latest estimates showed 70% of BTC are mined through renewable energy. 

What people even need to be more aware of, are the advancements in blockchain technology to solve the concerns on its environmental impact. Instead of using Proof-of-Work consensus (Bitcoin, Ethereum) which uses energy to validate transactions, Proof-of-Stake consensus allows a pool to validate transactions by holding a number of coins. This opened the door to 'green' blockchains. 

The most popular Proof-of-Stake blockchain is Cardano, where Park Ranger Social House will native on. The Cardano Foundation is also committed to bringing greener solutions to the cryptocurrency and De-Fi space for it to continue to flourish.  

While a massive amount of energy has already been consumed in the development of the cryptocurrency space, it is Park Ranger Social House's responsibility to give back to nature, biodiversity, and those who take care of them, the park rangers. Especially those from marginalized communities.

The Park Ranger Social House aims to be the biggest contributor to the care and protection of the environment in the CNFT space.